Why we changed our business name:

Why we changed our business name:

A business owner's worst nightmare is realizing that you have to start over. This is what happened to my business co-founder Summiyah & I early 2021. Our trademark registration for our brand name Natural Swim was denied due to the mark being "too descriptive" and "deceptive" because our swimwear was not made from natural fibers like cotton or or hemp. As we've stated before, we are a sustainable brand that chooses to make our swimwear out of recycled plastics that are regenerated into the finest Italian fabric. 

Upon hearing this information from our lawyer we were devastated. Originally we decided to save money by filing our own trademark and after receiving an action item and several paid consultations we hired a lawyer to find a way to keep our name! We tried relentlessly to figure out ways to keep our name alive but after several attempts which no longer felt right with our spirits we decided to let it go. After taking some time to recharge while in Jamaica April 2021, the word "Nura" which in Arabic means light, came to me while resting on the beach. From there we opened ourselves to play around with names until a new name made our spirits feel peaceful and light. From there, Nura & Sol was brought to light June 2021 and our path has been illuminated for us ever since. 

Nura & Sol allows us the freedom to not be boxed in, to grow into whatever we desire, and to push our creativity to as we build something new. We're so excited to unveil what we've been working on! 

With Love & Sustainability,


Fatimah Hunter & Summiyah Siddeeq